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STREET photography workshop

Street photography gives us a deeper insight into the complexity and wonder of the human landscape. It combines a wide variety of photographic skills, and this workshop will delve into all aspects of these skills so you can capture your story in the best way possible.​

What will you learn?

Once we have briefly covered the basics including getting to know your camera and how to use it to your best advantage, we will move onto photographic technique.


We will combine general photographic skills - composition, lighting, and even portraiture - and add on to that the ability to work on the street. This means learning how to work with people you don't know, and being able to create art just the same.


Beyond all that, street photography requires a little nerve (aka "Chutzpah").  We will talk about that as well. We will explore formal, proactive, and subtle ways to approach a subject.


Another aspect is learning about interesting places and their local color, in addition to the people that feature in them. 

With Rebecca's vast experience in many areas  of photography as well as her background in teaching short term workshops as well as year-long programs, you will come away with a better knowledge of general photography and a small body of work that tells a story that YOU created, performing your own art in a fascinating setting.

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