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Growing up in Chicago my thirst (no pun intended!) for the water as a place of meditative beauty never seems to be fully quenched.  Living near, biking and running along the shores of Lake Michigan forever planted in my insides an appreciation of G-d's wondrous creation.  What followed was a love of all nature, the outdoors and the beauties in our world.


Photography fit so well into that, and looking through my lens fed the desire to study photography.  Consequently, I became passionate for holding onto memories of people and places as a way of holding onto these childhood moments, of having something to invoke the richness and depth of them, no matter the time that passed since their creation.


For that reason the camera is rarely not attached – documenting the details of the world around me and the people within. Moving to Israel in 1985 inspired expansion of that soulful endeavor, and the passion was allowed to spill into being my  profession.

About Rebecca


Aviva Skurowitz

Hollywood, Florida​

I highly recommend Rebecca Kowalsky. Rebecca flew in from Israel to Florida to photograph our daughter and son-in-law; Yael and Isaac Bernstein's - wedding. Every picture that I see posted of the Skurowitz/Bernstein wedding is phenomenal! Yael's was the third wedding that we made and it is common for the photographer to get a bit harassed and one can "sense" it. I can honestly say that Rebecca Kowalsky was the MOST PATIENT and PROFESSIONAL EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER I have experienced. Rebecca was calm and therefore we were as well and therefore the pictures are magnificent! Rebecca knew and remembered ALL family members names (from the grandchildren on up!) making it a very exciting and wonderful experience. Rebecca is the creator of the "Birkon" - the bencher with the most magnificent pictures of Israel. Rebecca's devotion to creating art via her God given talent PLUS the ability to capture a special moment on the face of the bride, groom, family, friends is remarkably magnificent. Finally, during our wedding, Rebecca was intuitively aware of - by observing the people as she photographed the amazing and exciting bedekin and dancing; best friends and others making me so happy! I highly recommend Rebecca Kowalsky for all events small and large, for all photography. Rebecca is a gem, a good person with a kind soul. Rebecca is one of a kind as she photographs "Images Through Time". Finally, Rebecca's husband - who assisted her during the wedding (and one can see is very proud to stand by her side) is a wonderful person as well! THANK YOU!!!​

Joe Clayman

Hi Rebecca,


Thanks again for doing such a great job at Miriam's wedding last summer. We have derived tremendous joy from the photos and video you, and your crew, took at the event.


Pesach kasher v'sameach,

Alisa Gellis​


The album came out beautifully !! The pictures really capture the day!! Thank you so much for being there and helping us remember this special milestone in Davids life!!

Purim sameach,


Dov & Amy Kesselman

New York

Working with my clients who oftentimes become friends has deepened my sense of life as important life cycle events are documented with my gear.  Added to the bag is journalistic photography that has brought me to so many interesting places and people, portraiture ranging from personal/family to business and corporate, as well as promotional work for hospitals, educational institutions, and various other organizations.


The process is so great. Studying and growing is vital to me, and I have been gifted with learning from masters in Israel, Europe, China and the United States. 


I am looking forward to meeting more people, new clients, forging new friendships and living my passion through photographic documentation.  

Rebecca - I was sitting on the plane this morning, and I was watching again the video of the pictures that you made from Reva's bat mitzvah.  Its almost a year later, but it was as great as it was at the time. I just wanted to drop an email to say again how great you were and how much we appreciated what you did to make our simcha so special.  Shabbat Shalom!